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MisterBit is an innovative software company, working with leading Hi-Tech companies and startups worldwide. MisterBit offers an advanced 12 weeks Coding Bootcamp. Our company specializes in advanced web technologies such as Angular, React, Vue and NodeJS. We excel in both, developing brand-new digital products, and cooperating on ongoing product development projects.

Our company was founded by Yaron Biton, who started his way in the top tech IDF unit (Mamram) and has over 20 years of experience in teaching web technologies while being CTO for multiple companies.

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Why Us?

An ever-changing market needs a versatile team that can think outside the box.
With over 10 years of experience, MisterBit is committed to providing top-quality custom software development services to the world’s leading tech companies. With our multi-skilled team, we offer advanced technical and architectural consulting, developing a wide variety of projects - from simple ones to very complex ones. Our programmers are deployed in various companies, leading and assisting their R&D teams.

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Development Services

Our multi-tasking team works quickly, effectively and can help you upgrade to state of the art technologies while keeping a tight development schedule. Add our specialists to your team and enjoy the required in-depth knowledge and expertise for solving your challenges. In order to keep the performance growth and continuation, in the future, you’ll be able to hire our specialists to assure constant and continued support and maintenance.

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Learn about the most innovative web technologies with our advanced training and in-depth workshops. We offer training in a variety of subjects from basic programming to highly advanced and complex frameworks. We also offer special workshops for professional tech leaders. including: Angular Workshop, React Workshop, Vue Workshop

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Tech Consulting

With our advanced technology and architecture consulting, we assist and guide development teams into using the state of the art of modern web technologies.

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