The Lecturer

Yaron Biton

Former Leader of the IDF elite programming course Mamram. Experienced Management adviser for technology, MisterBit CTO, Coding Academy Chief Lecturer, Former CTO of a few ventures, Deep understanding of web technologies, aspects and evolvement ; Expert in building powerful, scalable and secure software

Development has changed

The software development has changed drastically, we are now expected to deliver a responsive (to any device), fast, flawless products that can scale both from perspective of users, and development teams.

For us as managers, this means keeping up with the latest technologies so we can hire, lead, and communicate with developers - understanding both their pains and their gains and keep your team lean and mean


Cross Platform

Write once, run anywhere! Why Javascript is everywhere these days A brave look at the future of internet and apps

Single Page Applications

Why they have become the standard for web/mobile/desktop applications

Component's Communication

Looking into component based architecture (Angular / React / VueJS)

Frontends, Backends, APIs and architecture

Take a deep dive into large scale apps architucture

Large Javascript Applications

Working with large apps and reusable components

State Management (Redux / Mobx / Vuex)

Tap into your app data and the way it communicates.

Pixel-perfect, responsive apps

Responsive apps that look great on any device!

The new super-powers of Web Technologies

Explore the magical reactivity of frameworks and how changes are tracked

The role of maintainable powerful modular CSS

Awake our frontend with effective and modular css

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