What Will I Learn?

We will review the tools every frontend developer should know, and dive into implementing a scalable React application.

Weather you've worked with other frameworks, or not, the strength of React will amaze you.

You will experience that React embraces:

Coding modern functional Javascript and using Hooks

Using Modern Modular CSS

Single page, progressive web applications

Super React

The magic and powers of reactivity

State management, Flux, Redux and Hooks

Best Practices for modern frontend development

Warranty: Getting a hold of those super-powers will enable you to build outstanding frontends!

The Staff

Stav Ya'ar-Bar

Fullstack Web Developer, Senior trainer and more. "Flow with the river and build amazing apps!"

Tommy Irmia

Fullstack Web Developer, Senior trainer and more. "Yesh, its easy peasy"

Yaron Biton

Professional trainer ; misterBIT CTO ; Building the web for over 20 years ; Deep understanding of web technologies, aspects and evolvement ; Expert in building powerful, scalable and secure software ; Mamram graduate

Roni Krakover

Frontend developer and Project manager at misterBIT

The Plan

Javascript is everywhere today and writing large scale applications with it has been through much progress.

This workshop will take you through power sessions and get our hands on the practical usage of those tools.

Building Modern Apps with React

Getting a deep look into Components, Services, Forms, Routing, Http, Component lifecycle, Content projections, Dynamic components, project structuring, debugging and testing, change detection, data flows and more.

React Workshop

Modern Frontend development and React

Review the current state of frontend development and single page web applications, task runners, module loaders, ES6, Modular CSS & SASS, and setup our initial project

Module 1
Kicking Off

Composing an app from components

Introducing the component as the core primitive building block of the application

Module 1
Setting the ground

Component's Communication

Let's review different ways to communicate

Module 1
Understanding Components

Routing and Navigation

Unlock the power of the component's router and go different places

Module 2
Route to other dimensions

Having Children

Working with children to make reusable containers

Module 2

Life cycle hooks

Tap into key moments of your component life

Module 3
Hooking it up

Error Boundaries

Use Reactjs super powers to build powerful applications

Module 4
Structure Matters

Understanding Reactivity

Understand how to work with state correctly to build consistent apps

Module 5
Deep Into Reactivity

Server Communication

Awake our frontend by communicating with servers

Module 5
Taliking to Servers

State Management with Flux-Redux

Look into state management and one way data flows, stores and immutability

Module 5
Detecting Changes

A brave look at the future

The frontend scene is changing, as HTML, CSS and Javascript are used to build web apps, server side, mobile, desktop, robots and what not.

In this session we will look at different standards, libraries and tools, and how React will play part in the future of frontend.

Module 6
Gazing at the future

Get the job done

This workshop aims at capturing the most important ideas and coding practices in modern frontend development.

Expect to leave this workshop with a heap of useful examples and resources.

Get Ready

We will rely on the foundations of HTML, CSS and Javascript, these will be the dance floor upon which we will play with React and friends.

if you are converting from other technologies, we suggest you (1) get excited and (2) get a hold of those technologies. If you need some help and guidance, just let us know.

Tailored training

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